6Th grade application

Join our unique community.

Join our community of student-athletes and alumni pursuing their passion for and excellence in skiing, academics and life. We look for a variety of attributes in an applicant. We seek students who have:

  1. strong work ethic
  2. motivation for self-improvement
  3. curiosity about the world
  4. compassion and respect for others
  5. a sense of humor
  6. the ability to learn independence and responsibility
  7. a willingness to participate in all levels of our community
  8. the ability to manage a rigorous schedule
  9. a minimum of 2 years prior race experience

Well-rounded individuals who are committed and dedicated to both their academic and athletic pursuits are best suited for this program. Although we recommend that applicants be strong students, the nature of the program has led to successes on a number of fronts including academic confidence and improved learning skills. We pride ourselves on encouraging and supporting each student’s interests beyond education and competition.


Application Requirements

To be considered for admission, we require a completed application – including student-athlete and parent questionnaires, recommendations, and academic records – by April 15th. The Admission Committee meets in May and students will be notified in writing of application decisions by May 15th. Learn more about the details, submit your application online, and schedule a visit below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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