Campus Capital Campaign


Dear Supporters,

Over the years, Mt. Mansfield Academy has created generations of passionate skiers, propelled our student athletes to the highest levels of our sport, and built a reputation as a top-level school that maintains rigorous academic standards.

Today, we are excited by the recent completion of our new Academic Building.  This 10,000 square foot building provides our student-athletes with an optimal learning environment with state-of-the art classrooms and labs. Looking to the future,  we are we are excited to announce an ambitious campaign to continue updating the Academy’s Mountain Road campus.  

The goal of this project is to build a growth platform that keeps all of our options open.

Our recently completed Academic Building was made possible by contributors like you.

Along with our on-campus Athletic Center, completed in 2017, the new Academic Building is part of our strategic plan for ongoing success. The three-story, 10,000 square foot building serves our current students by providing an optimal learning environment, and helps secure our school’s future by increasing classroom capacity, and by working as a tool to attract new prospective students.

The Academic Building and central green space are the focal point of our beautifully redesigned 4-acre campus. Construction and associated site work are a $2.5 million phase of a long-term campus design plan.  Although this project is complete, donations are still accepted to continuously keep the building up to date with new technological and academic materials.

The last phase of our project is perhaps the most ambitious, a  replacement of our existing dormitory and student center. The old building  has served us well for many years, but it requires costly repairs and no longer meets the needs of our modern academy. The new Student Lodge will be the  heart of student life on campus as well as being  home away from home for our boarding students.  Communal design will foster inclusiveness and  togetherness in the hope of contributing  to excellence in our student body, as well as a  spirit of teamwork that creates life long  friendships. The Student Lodge will be  approximately 15,000 square feet and will include: living  accommodations for 40 residential students and  staff, a dining and event hall accommodating 75  people for meals and 150 for events such as graduation, an art center, a fully equipped  commercial kitchen, a complete ski tuning facility and equipment lockers for  student use, common study areas, and a student lounge game room.


Our Vision


All of us at MMA are so excited that we are finally able to start thinking about the third, and final, phase of our long-term campus redesign  plan. We’ve come a long way in a short period of time, and it is amazing that  we are already nearly two-thirds of the way to completing our dream  academic campus.  

 We are still in the planning stages for this new building, but our  estimate, based on some initial consultation, and our experience with other  recent building projects, is that this third and final phase of our long-term  campus plan will cost $2.7 million. We are already off to a great start, with gifts totaling $600,000.

Since 2010, capital improvements on our Academic Campus have been  a strategic priority for MMA. The recent completion of our new  Academic Building, and the beginning of our Student Lodge project will  complete our objective of bringing all our facilities to a world-class level. The  enhanced facilities and increased capacity for boarding students will act as  recruiting tools to help us attract new student-athletes and ensure the long  term sustainability of our program. 

 Once funding is secured, we are ready to start this project on an aggressive schedule, with final plans beginning immediately, and ground  breaking as soon as possible.

Our network of community supporters is large, and we hope that this campaign will remind families of the value that the Mt. Mansfield Academy experience has provided over the years. With that value in mind, please consider a gift to help us shape our organization’s future. Gifts of all sizes are critically important to achieve our dream, and we hope to involve every member of our community in the effort. Please reach out with any questions, we’d love to hear from you, and tell you about the project. Look for updates on our website and social media, and thank you, as always, for helping us to provide that incredible Mt. Mansfield experience to generations of future students.


Igor Vanovac | Executive Director