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Hours of Operation

June 1st – October 31st

Tuesday – Thursday 9am – 12pm

For questions or to schedule your service, please contact our Ski Service Center team at [email protected] or by phone at 802-585-1410.

Located on the ground floor of the MMA Clubhouse at Spruce Peak, the Ski Service Center provides premier ski preparation and tuning service using the best technology available on the market. This facility is a tremendous resource for our community. It allows us to ensure that athletes and parents alike have access to professional ski preparation, and provides education about ski maintenance.

Information Regarding the USSA/FIS Fluoro Ban:

The F.I.S. and USSA have adopted rules banning the use of fluoro waxes for 2020-21 and beyond. This means that everyone needs to purchase new race wax and replace old contaminated brushes before the season begins.

SWIX has launched a new Fluoro Free race wax line called PRO.  To remain in compliance with the ban,  we will be using this new SWIX PRO wax system, which offers three levels of performance:

  • PS – Performance Speed (Replaces the CH waxes)
  • HS – High Speed (Replaces the LF waxes)
  • TS – Top Speed (Replaces the HF waxes)

For more information about these new products, please check out the documentation from SWIX below:


SWIX PRO Wax Catalog

Create An Order/Payment For Your Ski Service HERE

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