Sugar Slalom

A celebration of Spring on skis, held at Stowe since 1939

The Stowe Sugar Slalom is one of the oldest and most recognized alpine races in America. The two-day event can attract over 1,000 racers and spectators. Originating as a celebration of the arrival of Spring and the tapping of maple trees, the Sugar Slalom is held in a Mardi Gras atmosphere complete with music, barbecue on the hill, fantastic ski racing and festive costumes. To top it all, the race also features a unique Vermont treat, maple syrup on snow, plus Cold Hollow cider donuts, and fresh pickles at the finish. On the Sunday, all participants are encouraged to dress up in costumes.


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Waivers are required for the Sugar SL.  Please bring to registration. Do not email waivers! Waiver must be double sided on 1 sheet of paper and in color.

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