Summer Dryland & Indoor Skiing 2021

Summer Dry land Training & Indoor Skiing Registration

  • Over the duration of the summer MMSCA will be providing dryland training 5-days a week on our campus to build strength and fitness, while integrating three 3-day indoor skiing sessions at Big Snow, New Jersey. Additionally a variety of outdoor activities will capitalize on our many local resources building our cardiovascular base. Activities include road biking, mountain biking, running, hiking, and team sports. Remote programming via XPS is available 24/7 to all MMSCA athletes so you will never miss a training session.

    General physical preparation will start our summer training. Beginning with steady state low intensity cardiovascular exercise focus will be placed on learning proper movement mechanics, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and setting effective personal goals for the summer training period. Moving on to general strength the focus will be to gain muscle mass and build on foundational movements. The time spent under tension will increase in late July and early August to mimic the muscular demands of skiing as our focus transitions to sport specific training including plyometric and agility exercises. As this training period progresses from late summer and into the fall, the training load will increase to high intensity intervals to build speed and power.

    Physical testing will be completed July 15th and 16th establishing a baseline level of fitness according to USSA Skills Quest protocols.  A second round of physical testing will be completed September 15th and 16th, to be compared to earlier test results.

    Indoor Slalom Sessions at Big Snow, New Jersey are included in Summer Dryland.

    Indoor Dates (including travel): June 28 - July 1, July 19 - 22, August 9 - 12

    Summer Dryland Schedule: Monday - Friday 8:30a - 11:00

    Summer Dryland Dates: July 6 - August 20

    Price: $2,500 includes summer dryland sessions and indoor skiing (lodging, breakfast, and transportation). Not included in price; lunch and dinner on summer ski trips, coaches will accompany athletes on outings for lunch and dinner.

    Who is this camp open to: All MMSCA athletes U14+

    Summer Skiing Dates:

    6/28, 29, 30, 7/1

    7/19, 20, 21, 22


    8/9, 10, 11, 12

    Travel to NJ from the academy on day 1 after dryland at approximately 11:30a. Skiing days 2, 3, and 4. Traveling home on day 4 after skiing at approximately 1:00p, arriving back at the academy around 7:00p.

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