PG Program

The Mt. Mansfield Ski Club & Academy post-graduate program is designed for athletes whose goal is to race on an NCAA Division 1 ski team. This year of focused training and physical maturation increases the likelihood of an athlete’s acceptance to his/her top school. Our program maximizes time on snow with high volume, high intensity training.


Consideration for admission to the program will be given to athletes who have completed high school, who have the ambition, and are reasonably qualified, to race on a collegiate ski team. We prefer that students have applied, been accepted, and deferred from at least one college or university (whether it is their first choice school or not) prior to enrolling in our PG program. PGs must be willing to assume a leadership role in our community, and serve as role models for all our student athletes.


Our PG program is designed to prepare  student athletes for independent living in college and beyond. To that end, PGs live off-campus, and are expected to be self-sufficient for most of their daily activities. An optional, limited meal plan is available through the Academy, and athletes will be assisted in preparing meals with support and advice in nutrition and meal preparation. Group housing may be available if there is a group of interested PGs, please contact us if your family is interested in this possibility. Costs associated with housing are subject to market rates, and not included in program tuition.


On-snow training takes place in our world class race facilities at Stowe Mountain Resort. Our three dedicated venues, particularly Main Street, are well known as some of the best in the country, and provide the challenge needed for our PGs’ athletic development. Strength and conditioning are also a major focus of our athletic program. PGs have access to our gym year-round, and are supported by our full-time strength and conditioning coach.

Off-Season Training Expectations

It is essential for PGs to be committed to a fitness program, and time on snow in the off-season. Our PG Program begins with physical testing on-campus in mid-June. This is prior to departure for our first Summer Training Camp, and lead by the Strength & Conditioning Coach. Our off season schedule targets 55 days on-snow with a two week camp in France in June, two weeks in Switzerland in August, and up to five weeks in Colorado in October and November. The two Summer Training Camps will focus on fundamentals and building on strength and conditioning, while the Fall Training Camp in Colorado will be a bridge into competition season with flexibility to train and race at different venues, plus supervised dryland training and nutrition.

Competition Season

Competition season begins with our Fall Camp in Colorado. During race season our goal is to pace ourselves with training and racing blocks, take full advantage of FIS racing opportunities in the East, with exposure to Devolopment, Eastern Cup, UNI and NorAM level competitions, as well as travelling to out-of-region races (for example, in Canada) when appropriate.  Individual’s race schedules will be decided by a meeting between the athlete, head coach, and athletic director. This competitive plan will be reevaluated throughout the year based on athletes’ and coaches’ feedback, and progress in training and racing. Physical testing will continue in-season, and athletes will be exposed to at least two heavy-lift sessions per week as part of daily strength and conditioning maintenance and recovery. The end of competition season is mid-April.

Weekly Schedule

In-season our PGs will be on-snow six days per week. Our off day will be flexible to ensure that we are optimizing our training time by using the best days. This schedule flexibility plus access to our three dedicated training venues is a huge advantage for our PG program.


There will be weekly communication about the training and racing plans and schedule from the Head Coach to athletes, parents, and the athletic director. Day-to-day plans or adjustments may be communicated directly between coaches and athletes. Throughout the season, parents will receive three athletic evaluations (one after Fall Camp, one mid-season, one at season’s end) from the Head Coach that describe the athlete’s progress. We strongly encourage an in-person meeting between athletes, parents, and coaches after the Fall Camp.

Daily Athletic Schedule

(in-season example)

7:30 AM – Arrive at Ski Club

8:00 AM – Preparation for Training Session (activation, freesking, drills)

9:00 AM – Morning Training Session

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – Afternoon Training Session (on-snow exposure to college environment with UVM, or recovery, strength, and conditioning)

3:30 PM – End Afternoon Session

Travel Logistics

Mt. Mansfield Ski Club & Academy will provide a vehicle to transport athletes to and from races. Other travel expenses including lodging, food, and race expenses are not included, and will be invoiced as incurred.

Other Expectations

In addition to participation in all our athletic programs as described above, we require all PGs (regardless of age) to adhere to all aspects of our Code of Conduct. We expect PGs to demonstrate punctuality and preparedness in academics and athletics, and to serve as role models for younger athletes in the program.




Men’s PG Program Head Coach: Taber Engelken, [email protected]

Women’s PG Program Head Coach: Jill Barile, [email protected]

Tuition: $22,000

Contact: Igor Vanovac, Executive Director, [email protected]

or coaches listed above.

Application Deadline: June 1


PG Application

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