The Fonna Glacier, Norway

Jondal, Norway

For 2022 MMA will visit The Fonna Glacier Ski Resort in Norway, June 29 – July 12, 2022. Email Ben Blakely – [email protected] – for more information.

MMA offers student-athletes an amazing opportunity train at the Fonna Glacier Ski Area in Jondal, Norway. Our goal is to build fundamental skills in all age groups through directed free skiing, drills, and repetition in even-rhythm courses free of the distraction of the competitive ski racing season. In a typical day, the groups will spend up to 4 hours on the glacier skiing 12 – 18 runs on a high quality, friendly surface with minimal crowds. Afternoons are structured around active recovery, and the continuation of MMA’s strength and conditioning program utilizing the amazing outdoor resources surrounding Jondal including plenty of green space around our hotel Vasselgard for dryland workouts, hiking through the Norwegian mountain, swimming it the fjords (if you like cold water) and enjoying Norway’s traditional cuisine.

This camp is part of our periodized annual training program building on athletic progressions that have been established throughout the year. We strongly believe that proper physical preparation athlete is the only way to truly progress one’s own skills.

Specific details on daily schedules for each age group will be published closer to the departure date.

Dates: 2023 dates TBA

Price: $4,200.-

Dates include travel days. Price includes, skiing, coaching, lodging, and meals. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE AIRFARE.